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Past School Visits

Book Reading 

Kennedy Elementary School

Dubuque, IA


These kids were pumped to start 3rd grade! To help with summer nerves, they get to meet their 3rd grade teachers at the end of the 2nd grade. It's so cool hearing how schools are supporting brain health and being sensitive of common triggers for kids' anxiety! 

Book Reading 

St. Columbkille Elementary

Dubuque, IA


What a wonderful blast from the past it was to visit St. Columbkille's, where I attended Kindergarten though 5th grade! I left feeling blessed beyond words to have experienced the enthusiasm of the students and the support from the staff. 

Book Reading 

George Washington Carver Elementary

Dubuque, IA


I got to visit Carver for a second time in the beginning of April to talk about Brain Health and the importance of sharing our feelings! I was once again very impressed with the curiosity and enthusiasm of their students. 

Make a Difference Workshop

Highland Elementary

Riverside, IA 

I educated 3rd-5th grade students about combining my talents and interests to create "Clark & Clover," a book that solved a problem I cared about. Then I encouraged them to combine their talents and interests to help solve an issue and make a difference! 

Book reading and creativity assignment

George Washington Carver Elementary Dubuque, IA 

I visited the 1st grade students to teach them about brain health, read my book, then constructed a creativity activity where they got to finish drawing Clover, the chameleon from my book! 

Book reading and book signing

St. Mary Catholic School

East Dubuque, IL 

My first school visit was with the kindergarten and first grade students of St. Mary's! Their principal generously bought a copy of my book for all the students. I got to sign each of the books after my presentation. It was a wonderful experience! 

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