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Published July 2018


Clark & Clover

Clover is an emotional little chameleon in need of guidance. Her friend, Clark, takes the time to teach her about anxiety and to show her that the negative feelings associated with it are changeable and manageable. All she needs is the right mindset and help from a mentor and friend! 

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Published July 2019 

Clark & Cleo

Cleo is a self-conscious giraffe who has trouble branching out and making new friends. Her friend, Clark, encourages her not to dwell on her physical features and instead to focus on being kind to others and, most importantly, to herself. 

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Clark & Crosby

Crosby is a sassy little bird that thinks rather highly of himself. When Clark catches wind of Crosby’s judgemental behavior at flight school, he takes the time to teach Crosby about kindness and acceptance for those different than him. In “Clark and Crosby,” the judgemental cockatoo learns how to be mindful of others as well as himself. 

Lindsey Chapman, Author and Illustrator



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