"Clark & Cleo" available now!

About "Clark & Cleo"

Cleo is a self-conscious giraffe who has trouble branching out and making new friends.

Her friend, Clark, encourages her not to dwell on her physical features and instead to focus on being kind to others and, most importantly, to herself.

About "Clark & Clover"

Clover is an emotional little chameleon in need of guidance.

Her friend, Clark, takes the time to teach her about anxiety and to show her that the negative feelings associated with it are changeable and manageable. All she needs is the right mindset and help from a mentor and friend!

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Past Pop Up Shops!

Book Signing and Brand Kickoff

Studio 5678, Dubuque, IA

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Thank you to those of you who came to support my book and help me get my brand off the ground! It means the world to me that you cared to have my signature on your child's book. 

Lindsey Chapman, Author and Illustrator



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